Books & Postcards
Anderson Valley Then & Now ..... $20.00
Authored by Wes Smoot and Steve Sparks; Takes one on a day trip through Anderson Valley, sharing the history, location and Then & Now pictures of many valley landmarks.
A Wee Deek on Boon't Harpins' ..... $2.00
Authored by The Boontling Club; How Boontling began and a Wordlist Pocket Guide
Boontling — An American Lingo ..... $22.00
Authored by Charles C. Adams; The Story of Boontling, including an extensive dictionary
Clem Heryford Diary ..... $6.00
Transcribed by Briana Burns; The diary of Clem Heryford, 1907-1910 (Clem came to Peachland around 1887)
Cloverdale Memories ..... $25.00
Authored by Marie Hill; A longtime Yorkville resident remembers her history and Cloverdale history. Marie is a descendent of the early pioneer families Hiatt and Ingram
Down to Earth ..... $6.00
Authored by Maurice W. Tindall; Extracts from a weekly newspaper column written by Maurice Tindall about the life and history of Anderson Valley
English to Boontling ..... $15.00
Authored by Judy Belshe-Ternblom; Translates English words to Boontling, includes wonderful pictures of the valley
Grandma Stubblefield Rose ..... $22.00
Authored by Edna Beth Tuttle & Dennis Burke Willis; The Life of Susan Stubblefield, 1811-1895. Susan and her family were early Yorkville settlers who went on to live in serveral parts of Anderson Valley. She was the "doctor" of those early days.
Grass Roots ..... $11.00
Authored by Blanche Brown; The families that settled Anderson Valley in the 1850s: Anderson-Beeson, J.D. Ball, Kendall, Burgess-Prather, Gschwend, McGimsey, Murray Family & Grandma Stubblefield, Gossman, McAbee, Rawles
Henry Beeson Story ..... $7.00
Authored by Julia L. Mougovan, M.A., A member of the original Bear Flag Party and one of the first white settlers in Anderson Valley
Images of Anderson Valley ..... $21.00
Authored by the Anderson Valley Historical Society; A pictorial history of Anderson Valley
Indian Summer ..... $20.00
It All Began with Martha ..... $9.00
Authored by Dennis B. Willis; Stories of teaching disabled children written by a teacher raised in Anderson Valley
McAbee Family ..... $4.00
Compiled by Zelpha Rawles Michelson & Marguierite AcAbee Metzler; The story of the McAbee settlers
Mills of Mendocino (Paperback) ..... $22.00
Postcards - AVHS & Walking Tractor ..... $.75
Lovely images of the valley, its redwoods, meadows, and other views. Available for viewing at the Walking Tractor web site.
Recollections of "Sharky" Rawles ..... $6.00
Transcribed by James W. Rawles; Recollections of Everett "Sharkey" Rawles, born Jan 27, 1897 on the Rawles Ranch in Boonville
Reflections of Delcina McAbee Rawles ..... $4.00
Authored by Delcena McAbee Rawles; Reflections on her life in Anderson Valley, beginning 1859
School Bell Memories ..... $9.00
Authored by Feral M. Slotte; The story of Slotte's professional life as a teacher
Secrets of Salsa ..... $14.00
A salsa recipe book created by the Anerson Valley Adult School
Sketches of Anderson Valley - Package with all Volumes ..... $5.00 Published by the Anderson Valley Historical Society; Captures the history and changes of Anderson Valley
Soft Shelled Eggs ..... $4.00
Authored by Catherine Nobles Sinnott; A children's book of stories and recipes from life on the family ranch in Yorkville
To Ornbaun Valley ..... $28.00
Collected by Joan Frances Ornbaun Ladd; A Family History of the Ornbauns, The "California Branch"
Voices of the Valley - All Volumes ..... $15.00
Collected and Edited by Anderson Valley High School Students; Anderson Valley History captured through the stories of valley residents interviewed by AVHS students
Walking Tractor ..... $20.00 Authored by Bruce Patterson; Tales of Old Anderson Valley. See the web site.
Wetscrape Braintanned ..... $10.00
Authored by Steven Edholm and Tamara Wilder; This is a practical guide to home tanning and use written by valley residents

T-Shirts Men/Women, All Sizes ..... $10.00
Hooded Sweatshirts, All Sizes ..... $20.00

Cloth Bags ..... $15.00

Round Table History Gatherings: 1930/40, 1950/60 ..... $15.00

Print of Little Red Schoolhouse ..... $25.00
Print of Philo Methodist Church ..... $25.00

Commemorative Wine Glasses
Wine Glass with Etched Little Red Schoolhouse ..... $4.00
Wine Glass set ..... $23.00

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