February - November
Saturday & Sunday, 1-4pm

Museum Grounds

Stop by for a stroll through our beautiful gardens. Relax and soak up the history on our shaded benches, and bring a picnic lunch if you like. The daffodils welcome you in early spring. Stroll down the sidewalk and slide into our historic Bucky Walter. (That’s “phone booth” in Boontling. Why is a phone booth called a Bucky Walter? Ask your docent!) Our grounds are open during museum hours, Saturdays and Sundays, 1–4pm.

Anderson Valley Today

Anderson Valley continues to change. Where apple orchards stood there now are vineyards. Some formerly busy buildings stand empty, while others have new faces and businesses. The annual apple fair still offers apple tastings, the rodeo, and sheep dog trials, but many of the booths would be unrecognizable to the original visitors of 1927.

What hasn’t changed is the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people. Whatever brings you to Anderson Valley, we hope you will stop by the museum for a visit.

If you are planning to visit, there are a few websites that offer information about events, lodging, restaurants, and other valuable information. Here are a few:

Come visit us soon!

12340 Hwy 128, Boonville CA
View of a lovely valley, full of meadows and clumps of trees, a home, and a barn

The Belk region, 6 miles east of Boonville, where Boontling originated; late 1800s